Bullet and Blast Resistant Doors & Windows

In order to meet the challenges of security and terrorism threats we have a special range of products for you safety. Our bullet and blast resistant doors and windows are designed to be installed in new or retrofit construction for use in court houses, police stations, guard booths, banks, schools, public buildings or any other warranted application. Our ballistic doors come in single leaf and double leaf according to size and type requirements.

Door Features:

  • Fabricated using ballistic steel and composite materials.
  • Available in single and double leaf according to requirement.
  • Quick Fit frames are ready-to-install into pre-existing door openings.
  • Door thickness 1 ¾ inches (44mm) to 4 inches (100mm) depending on the type of door.
  • Reinforced core frame with steel and composite panels.
  • Extra reinforced at hardware locations, joints and week areas.
  • Custom made ball bearing heavy duty hinges.

Pre-install Hardware:

Factory pre-installation or pre-cutfor hardware make it easier for end user. This option is designed to help streamline the process of receiving and installing doors and windows. The contractor saves hours of onsite labor and the costs associated with it.

Materials, Workmanship and References:

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Doors and frames confirms to the requirements of ANSI A250.8-1998 (SDI-100).

MATERIALS:The material used in manufacturing of these products and components complies with ANSI/SDI A250.8.Hardware reinforcing on doors and frames complies with ANSI/SDI A250.6. The physical performance levels will be in accordance with ANSI/SDI A250.4.

All steels used to manufacture doors, frames, anchors, and accessories meets at least one or more of the following requirements:

  • Cold rolled steel shall conform to ASTM A1008 and A568.
  • Hot rolled, pickled and oiled steel shall comply with ASTM A1011 and A568.

WORKMANSHIP: Door Panels and Door Frames and Fabrication in accordance with ANSI/SDI A250.8

Factory applied finish meets the performance requirements& acceptance criteria as stated inANSI/SDI A250.3. Design clearancesANSI/NFPA 80.